Sunday, December 6, 2009

What a week.. :S

This week is truly a challenging one for me...
Since Monday till today morning, nothing seems to be right -- so I keep thinking, did I not tell myself to be relax and be happy always lately? Have I forgotten how to be happy for a moment? Haih...

When you were giving a responsibility to manage a project -- I would assume that you make all the decision and they will become your mentor... correct? That is what called Project Management. What happened was -- you crack your head analyzing from all angle and make a decision and communicated to everyone and agreed upon. Suddenly this manager step in out of no where (he already agreed earlier) and counter the decision you made -- telling everyone that the outcome should come out by this time instead of the dateline that you have set.. Oh my, I was so pissed off at the moment, frustrated and disappointed at the same time over him.

Given the costing paperwork to 2 managers to check if my write up and every details was correct -- since it is my first time to do this costing. Both of them checked and when I submitted the paperwork to Finance, one of the manager wrote back and told me that there's a mistake in the write up. Oh really? So I ran up to the 28th floor get back the paperwork and amended it. Pheww... then I resubmitted again. After a while, the other manager said to me, there's a mistake again. I ran up and get back the paperwork again and amended it again. This time I kindly requested her to help me check through if there's anything else we overlook. The manager said, everything looks fine. So I walked back up again and resubmitted to Finance again.
What a joke! The next morning, the first manager wrote to me again saying that there's a mistake again! What the hell are you guys trying to do to me? I have to run up and down for it and luckily the Finance manager was around. Guys, dont you know that this will make me look bad? Unorganized? Not careful in preparing my costing? How would I suppose to know how to calculate TIR that is why I learned, did it and let you guys to check and you guys keep on saying nothing wrong then amend something then nothing wrong and amend something with it again. I can go nuts!

These managers who I need their approval on the paperwork will go on leave anytime this month -- to clear up their leaves. So I get this manager to do us a favor, you review and sign then put on your table since you are travelling next week onwards. He called this morning and asked me "You dont know how to do it in one page ka? No one teach you?" What the... If I knew and if there's anyone telling me that it has to be on a one pager thing -- what the heck should i go and do in 2 pages instead? If my write up was so long and a lot to justify the costing -- if I shrink it into a page, it would be too small for review, it would look brainless and unprofessional, why do I wanted to do that?
Sometimes I would say these people do not know how to talk properly or use their words properly with people they are working with. Human management failed though you are said to be a manager.

It is important to know different people have to be approached differently. Was so hard to be understood?

Somehow I dont care anymore how you manage your people but please just dont pick on me and start bullying me. I had done more at work compare to any of your so called permenant staffs but still I am in the position I am.

What a week.. everything doesnt seems right. Work, relationship and family.. darn, what have go wrong? I cant even sleep well the whole week and cried few times.. OMG...

Hate all this but what to do, it's life :S

Wish next week will be better.. :S


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